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Help Authoring Tools Consultancy

Help systems for Windows or Web-based applications are an important part of any software tool. Most Help systems use a tri-pane interface featuring a hierarchial table of contents of the Help document. The table of contents feature can also be used for other online documents, such as policy and procedure manuals.

There are a number of Help Authoring Tools (HATs) and single-source publishing tools on the market, including Adobe RoboHelp, DocToHelp, MadCap Flare, Help and Manual, HelpServer, Author-it, and Republico.

How HyperWrite can help...

HyperWrite provides consultancy support for Help Authoring Tool and single source projects. Specifically can help through the following services:

  • Outsourcing (in whole or in part) of design and writing of Help documents.
  • Advice and support for Help authors working with Help Authoring Tools and single-source publishing tools (see also, Training).
  • Advice and support for programmers in working with context-sensitive help implemetation.


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HyperWrite has always been an innovative and progressive company. We are an Internet-homed company, in that we no longer maintain a physical office. We continually invest in enhanced technical infrastructure, which provides good broadband connection speeds and virtual private network access, along with emerging tele-communications facilities such as VoIP. Our small team works from home or on-the-road. Our customers are located around Australia, and in a number of distant parts of the world.

Some of our clients are also Internet-homed, including Affinitext, a company specialising in converting legal documents into a highly-functional hypertext format.