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About Tony Self


HyperWrite was founded in Melbourne, Australia, by Alex Millar and Tony Self in 1993. Since that time, the company has changed as technology has changed.

The original role of the company was to provide consultancy and training services in the emerging field of hypertext. At the time, the main manifestation of hypertext was WinHelp (the Help format for Windows 3.0). HTML was yet to emerge from academia!

HyperWrite's consultancy services transformed to take in HTML and Microsoft HTML Help technologies. Server-side delivery of content also became an important part of the business. Providing an outsourcing service for companies with insufficient inhouse skills allowed HyperWrite to grow in size, maintaining offices in Melbourne and Canberra.

In 2000, HyperWrite staff worked exclusively on a new media project for Asia-Inc (based in Singapore). On completion of this project, HyperWrite resumed operations on a very much smaller scale.

HyperWrite's services are now focussed on training and strategic consultancy for Help and XML documentation technologies. The company is based in Melbourne.

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