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HyperWrite Clients - Affinitext Inc

Affinitext Inc, based in Atlanta, was incorporated in 2003, and provides legal contract management services. The company was formed to address a clear need in the management of legal project documents. The solution, known as the Affinitext format, is an innovative way of presenting contract documents in a very rich hypertext environment. A collection of contract documents is presented to the user in a virtual library environment.

HyperWrite developed the virtual library interface, and created an array of dynamic HTML features to make the contract documents easy to navigate and work with. The virtual library uses an XML format pioneered by HyperWrite staff. The templates, style sheets and navigation utilities were also developed by HyperWrite. Working closely with the client, HyperWrite also devised the workflow used to convert documents from their native Word of PDF format to Microsoft HTML Help format, on which the Affinitext format is based.

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HyperWrite has always been an innovative and progressive company. We are an Internet-homed company, in that we no longer maintain a physical office. We continually invest in enhanced technical infrastructure, which provides good broadband connection speeds and virtual private network access, along with emerging tele-communications facilities such as VoIP. Our small team works from home or on-the-road. Our customers are located around Australia, and in a number of distant parts of the world.

Some of our clients are also Internet-homed, including Affinitext, a company specialising in converting legal documents into a highly-functional hypertext format.