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MadCap Flare Training Course

While HyperWrite does not directly offer training courses in MadCap Flare, we can recommend the official online and classroom training offered by MadSkills.

HyperWrite's Tony Self conducts these training courses for MadSkills in Australia. On-site courses can also be arranged. Tony is a Certified Flare Instructor.

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Your Instructor

This training course is conducted by Tony Self.

Dr Tony Self is recognised as one of the pioneers of hypertext and online documents. He has been involved in documentation and training for his entire career of 30 years. Over the past 20 of those years, Tony has worked specifically in the areas of online help systems, computer-based training, and electronic documents.

In addition to consulting, Tony is an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology. He is the author of The DITA Style Guide, a Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication UK (ISTC), and holds a PhD in semantic markup languages, a Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication, and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.