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Is your Web Site working?


What can your Web site do for you?

A well planned and developed Web site can be of enormous benefit to your company. It can save money, develop a new client base, and help keep your company competitive.

A well designed Web site can save money by:

  • Reducing the cost of customer support.
  • Improving the ease and efficiency of communication with customers.
  • Improving communication with suppliers and partners.
  • Improving internal communication within the company.

A well designed Web site can bring in new business for the company by:

  • Attracting new customers.
  • Servicing existing customers.
  • Selling goods and services on-line.

A well designed Web site can make your business remain competitive by:

  • Keeping-up with other on-line competitors.
  • Offering improved service to customers.
  • Establishing international customer base.

A badly designed and implemented Web site can cost your company more than money. Aside from the obvious costs of having the site developed, which in some cases may be quite a lot of money, a badly designed Web site can give existing and potential customers a negative impression of the company. Therefore, it is essential that your Web site is actually fulfilling its objectives.

Is your Web site working?

Many companies rushing to get a Web site up and running forget the basic principles of marketing, and fail to consider the needs of the company and their customers. They end up spending a lot of money, without the prospect of a good return on the investment.

It is often difficult to assess the performance of a company's Web site, just as it is often difficult to assess the effectiveness of any other marketing campaign. When an ad is place in a local newspaper to sell a used car, you can assess the effectiveness of the ad in terms of how many people enquired about the car. This method, however, does not assess how your ad compares with other car ads in the same paper. Therefore, you will also need to analyse the effectiveness of the ad within the context of competing ads.

The analysis of Web site effectiveness and productivity is, likewise, a more complicated task that it first appears. To fully assess how beneficial your Web site actually is, you will need to monitor key areas before the Web site is implemented, and again when the site has been implemented. As your Web site evolves, you will be able to discern the areas have shown marked improvement and the areas that require further improvement.

Some say that if you can move a mouse, you can design a Web site. In reality, this statement is ignores all marketing and commonsense principles. You would not employ a cobbler to build your house just because he or she knew how to use a hammer! Web site design is just the same.

To fully harness the potential of the Internet, professional expertise is essential. HyperWrite are specialists in designing Web sites. We can assess your company's requirements and objectives and then design and implement a Web presence to meet your expectations.


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