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When your company car breaks down, the standard practice is to leave it with a garage for repair. You could give the car to someone in the Accounts department who tinkers with engines on the weekends, and they may do a good job of the repair. Or they may not! And it might not get delivered on time.

When you need a high standard of work done in a dependable amount of time, you turn to a professional.

So when your company needs a Web site developed or an intranet document written, who should you turn to? Some companies do give the job to someone in the IT department who tinkers with HTML on the weekends. Increasingly, though, companies are turning to professional specialists in the medium.

HyperWrite is a company of writers that specialise in hypertext and online documents. Writing is our core business - we are not tinkerers. As the oldest hypertext document company in Australia, we know the best ways of communicating corporate information using online technology. We have a business focus, not a technology focus - technology is simply the tool we use to deliver cost-effective, innovative electronic document solutions for a diverse range of industries and organisations.

When you need something written, remember that a Web site's purpose is to convey a message, and HyperWrite writers will write it right, right away!


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