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Making the Most of the Internet

The Internet Gold Rush

In the 1800s, people flocked to gold sites in their thousands to try their luck and hopefully find a fortune. Today only a few diggers continue to pan for gold by the side of a murky river, but other intrepid gold seekers have found an equally alluring and promising alternative: The Internet.

The Internet may have grown out of a need for a network capable of withstanding a nuclear war, but it's purpose today is almost the opposite. Not only is the Internet making information readily available and bringing down borders between people, it is also becoming the market place of the future. In just a few short years, the Internet economy has grown from nothing to a US$20,000,000 industry. It is continually expanding, with one in five Web users reportedly purchasing products via the World Wide Web.

Parallels with Television

When television was first made available to the general public, it was a luxury that only a few people had access to, today, however, most homes have one or more televisions. The Internet is no different. In the last five years, the number of people connecting to the Internet has been extraordinary. There are nearly one million new users every month. In the near future, Internet connections in homes will be just as common as televisions.

It is not surprising that the Internet is popular, nor is it surprising that the Internet has become quite a money-spinner. The Internet is relatively easy and inexpensive to establish, is accessible by small and large organisations alike, and brings the world marketplace within reach of everyone no matter what they do or where they are. It is seen as an empowering tool. However, like all things new, the path to success through the Internet has many potholes. The Internet can be a money-pit as easily as it can be a money earner. HyperWrite can ensure you take the right path to a successful Internet presence.

As Australia's first hypertext development company, HyperWrite has helped numerous clients, large and small, create an Internet presence suited to the goals and needs of the organisations. Developing a Web site is easy, if you have the know-how, but really utilising the powerful potential of the Internet to increase business takes careful and considerate planning. You need to know what it is you wish to achieve and then work out the best way to reach that goal. HyperWrite has the specialist expertise to help your organisation reach your goal.

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